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Patches, labels and packaging collections are conceived with a high aesthetic and functional content for the apparel field. They have endless applications and functions which are combined together and start off new concepts for the personalisation of couture items, sports and technical clothing.


The customizations are endless, the uses and productions are more and  more numerous. These products can  be used in high fashion garments such  as in sportswear, in items such as outerwear or small leather accessories.


The personalization of woven ribbons is obtained by combining different production technologies. Depending on the request  and the effect the customer wants to achieve, we apply the most suitable production technology or combine several together.

Panels and processing on cut pieces

We work all types of materials, on which the different processes are  studied and adapted for an optimal final result that respects the customer’s needs.


The selection of a wide range of supports such as fabric, leather, hide,  imitation leather, rubber, silicone, PVC, ribbons and cotton makes it possible to combine new materials. Our fashion processes personalize the surfaces, create new thicknesses, the style and look of the finished  garment.


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